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The primary goal for this website is to further our knowledge of the genetic ancestry of Abraham Lincoln. Latest advances in DNA testing offer exciting possibilities for discovering more about our ancestors than ever before. We encourage participation in DNA studies and free, non-profit sharing of research.  Comments and questions are welcome.

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Suzanne W. Hallstrom became interested in genetic genealogy when she first learned of the link between surnames and the y-chromosome. As soon as DNA testing became readily available to the general public in 2000, Suzanne became administrator of the Walker DNA Project, one of FTDNA’s “pioneer” surname projects.

Suzanne has also been the administrator of the Hanks DNA Project since its inception in 2002. This led to her interest in the use of mitochondrial DNA to solve certain difficult genealogical questions. In 2015, with no prior studies having resolved the hotly debated controversy surrounding the maternal ancestry of Nancy Hanks Lincoln, Suzanne started the Nancy Hanks Lincoln mtDNA Study. Results of the study demonstrated that Abraham Lincoln’s mtDNA belonged to the very rare haplogroup X1c and provided evidence of the maternal ancestry of Nancy Hanks Lincoln.

When she isn’t glued to her computer, Suzanne and her husband enjoy boating. They have fond memories of trips sailing Esperanza across the Gulf Stream to the Abacos in the Bahamas. Suzanne, a retired state certified residential contractor and antique shop owner, is currently writing her memoir about growing up on the Indian River Lagoon in colorful “Cracker” Florida.