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“Testing a Theory: Were Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee Related?”

(Reprinted by permission of American Ancestors – New England Historic Genealogical Society. Richard Hall, “Testing a Theory:  Were Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee Related?” American Ancestors vol. 21, no. 4 (winter 2021). For more information about American Ancestors magazine visit AmericanAncestors.org.)

Little-Known Lee Family in Virginia


WILLIAM LEE (Mary Thornton)

Berry Family of Kentucky

Shipley Family

(NOTE:  In 2015 the Nancy Hanks Lincoln mtDNA Study established that Lucy Hanks (daughter of Joseph and Ann Lee Hanks) was the mother of Nancy Hanks and grandmother of Abraham Lincoln. Even so, the theory persists that Abe’s grandmother was Lucy Shipley who married James Hanks. While researching the extended Hanks families, Nancy Carr Royce also did extensive Shipley family research and found no evidence of a Shipley daughter named Lucy much less one who married a Hanks. Many thanks to Nancy for submitting her updated Shipley Family research write up.)